Thermo abrasive cap As an innovative, international manufacturer, we employ the advanced „thermo effect“ technology to our abrasive caps: the patented color change signalizes the risk of overheating at an early stage.
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From foot sensitivity testing to hygienic treatment by single use: Learn more about our products, innovations, and their applications in our video clips.

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Lukas-Erzett Customer-oriented and innovative:
LUKAS is your specialist for podiatry abrasive caps and abrasive cap carriers

The LUKAS value proposition:
„Always the right tool“

Our value proposition has been valid for more than 80 years. To this day, we are an owner-operated family business with 650 employees at several production sites equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Utilizing our long-standing experience, we develop innovative solutions and produce the high-quality tools which have led to LUKAS‘ excellent international reputation as a podology specialist.

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Gesunde Füße
Podologin mit Schutzbrille

case studies Our quality instruments for a demanding foot treatment

For patients suffering from diabetes mellitus and neuropathy, for elderly patients with thin skin as well as people with high sensitive feet, choice of foot care instruments is particularly essential.

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I am really convinced by LUKAS podiatry abrasive caps because they allow e cient, easy, and gentle treatment. My customers are equally enthusiastic, and happy to recommend me.

Maria Vlekke, Podologist (Troisdorf, Germany)

Podology abrasive cap carriers Abrasive cap carriers:
precise – exact fit – safe

The LUKAS abrasive cap carriers GT PODO provide a precise fit to the abrasive cap and ensure high safety in medical foot care.

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GT Podo LT Schleifkappenträger
Exact fit to LUKAS abrasive caps

Podology abrasive caps Hygienic protection thanks to the non-stick effect

Precision and safety for your patients

The advantages of our grinding caps compared to standard milling cutters, diamond grinders and scalpels are not only reflected in the variety of shapes and sizes, but also in performance, price and hygiene.

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Thermo abrasive cap Protection of overheating

The integrated thermo effect of the new SK THERMO abrasive cap uses a 2-step colour change to warn agaiinst overheating and potential skin damage.

Podo-Schleifkappe mit Thermometer-Effekt

Further benefits

Faster and more efficient treatment

Compared to conventional abrasive caps and instruments, the SK THERMO abrasive cap renders the treatment faster, more efficient, and gentler.

Better abrasion performance without cap replacement

Thanks to the anti-stick effect, significantly fewer skin particles will stick to the cap surface, and large quantities of callus can be removed with a single abrasive cap.

Sustainable, well-tolerated and eco-friendly

The use of food dyes, phenol- and formaldehyde-free resins, and organic cotton in the production of our abrasive caps reduces skin irritation and environmental damage.

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Lukas podological

LUKAS podology products have been developed by product developers and customer experts together with an external consultant.

For 80 years we have been an owner-managed family business. Meanwhile, we employ around 650 people and produce at various various sites using the latest technology. With our wealth of experience, we develop innovative solutions and produce high-quality tools.

This is how LUKAS has established itself as a specialist in podology on the international market.


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