Abrasive Caps

Precision and safety for your patients

The advantages of our grinding caps compared to standard milling cutters, diamond grinders and scalpels are not only reflected in the variety of shapes and sizes, but also in performance, price and hygiene.

Precision is a very important point in the podiatry. The LUKAS podiatry cap is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and qualities, providing a precisely fitting tool for every application. Treatments are faster and more precise. The single-use, hygienic caps prevent contamination, making the patient feel comfortable and safe. Regular replacement of the LUKAS grinding cap after each patient treatment completely prevents the transmission of germs. Cleaning of the abrasive cap is not required which saves time and effort. Our caps may only be used on uninjured skin.

Diabetes patients feel better and more secure during a foot treatment.

Benefits of our podology abrasive caps

  • offered at a significantly better price compared to milling tools and diamond cutters

  • available in a variety of sizes, shapes and qualities

  • hygienic single-use prevents contamination

  • treatments are faster and more precise
SK PODO-abrasive cap: phenolfree resin and organic cotton carrier

Hygienic protection thanks to the non-stick effect

The best way to efficient and gentle podological treatment and medical foot care!

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, the orange-coloured SK PODO abrasive cap is significantly more efficient than comparable instruments. The result: Callus removal is remarkably faster and gentler, leaving wonderfully smooth and beautiful skin.

When working with the PODO abrasive cap, it suffices to exert just a slight pressure. As a consequence, there is less damage to the treated skin area—a relief for the patient. The non-stick effect greatly reduces attachment of skin residues to the cap surface. Even large quantities of callus can be removed without exchanging the tool, an often tedious, time-consuming procedure.

The LUKAS abrasive cap carrier provides a precise fit to the abrasive cap and ensures that the cap is held fi rmly in place during the treatment. It is easily removed and exchanged when needed. Please note that the cap only retains its CE conformity status when used with a CE-conforming carrier.

Gentle, thorough callus removal with the SK PODO 

Easier and faster treatment
The coroundum particles are available in three qualities (finen medium, coarse), all of which are significantly more effective than comparative tools.

Gentler use

The abrasive caps need only slight pressure. This enables fatigue-free work and reduces stress to the skin.

Non-stick effect

The non-stick effect avoids the unhygienic attachment of skin residuals to the cap surface that are tedious to remove.

Available shapes

SK PODO round: avaliable in size 5 mm, 7 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm   //   SK PODO conical: avaliable in size 5 mm, 11 mm   //    SK PODO pointed: avaliable in size 5 mm, 7 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm
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Lukas podological

LUKAS podology products have been developed by product developers and customer experts together with an external consultant.

For 80 years we have been an owner-managed family business. Meanwhile, we employ around 650 people and produce at various various sites using the latest technology. With our wealth of experience, we develop innovative solutions and produce high-quality tools.

This is how LUKAS has established itself as a specialist in podology on the international market.


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