LUKAS Podological

User-friendly, customer-oriented, innovative and flexible:
LUKAS- Specialist for podiatry abrasive caps and abrasive cap carriers

Our value proposition: „Always the right tool“

Our value proposition has been valid for more than 80 years. To this day, we are an owner-operated family business with 650 employees at several production sites equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Utilizing our long-standing experience, we develop innovative solutions and produce the high-quality tools that lead to LUKAS‘ excellent international reputation as a podology specialist.

Advanced podiatry products

With our registered patents, we can justly be called a leader in podology tool technology. Through ongoing
cooperations with podologists and podology schools, we learn about the daily business and challenges of this
profession, and directly apply this knowledge to our product development. As a result, we develop user-friendly, customer-oriented products that fulfil the requirements of the medical product law (MPG).

Highest quality for precision work

Quality is our every-day guiding principle, embodied in the reproducible, excellent quality of LUKAS tools. We only use first-class raw materials. Our quality management follows the strict DIN ISO 9001:2015 rules. With the CE-mark, we prove that our tools have successfully passed a conformity assessment procedure and are compliant with the legal requirements for medicinal products. LUKAS is your reliable partner, providing safety and security.

LUKAS service

We speak plain language, no technical jargon. As your equal partner, we help you choose the right tool. Enjoy
technical innovation and save time and cost. LUKAS keeps the promise of maintaining high product quality and short delivery times thanks to a careful warehousing strategy.

Professional tools for highest security

Our podiatry abrasive caps are specially optimized for foot care applications. Benefit from our many years of experience as a technology leader in the field of podological abrasive caps. We stand for consistently high product quality, high delivery capability and technical innovations that help you to save time and money. With the CE mark, we guarantee the manufacture of tools according to the Medical Devices Act (MPG class 1) and therefore the highest level of safety for users and patients.

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Lukas podological

LUKAS podology products have been developed by product developers and customer experts together with an external consultant.

For 80 years we have been an owner-managed family business. Meanwhile, we employ around 650 people and produce at various various sites using the latest technology. With our wealth of experience, we develop innovative solutions and produce high-quality tools.

This is how LUKAS has established itself as a specialist in podology on the international market.


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