Tips for beautiful and healthy feet in the summer

Tips for beautiful and healthy feet in the summer

Regular foot care is essential

For “normal” feet, basic care is usually sufficient: cutting and filing toenails and removing excess callused skin. You can do this kind of foot care yourself at home or visit a podologist or foot cosmetician. In either location, it is essential to take appropriate hygiene measures. In particular, warts and fungus infections are easily transmitted and challenging to overcome. Applying a quality skin care product as a final step in the treatment is also important.

Professional treatment

Please visit a professional podology practice if you have sensitive or diabetic feet, or if you suffer from neuropathy, psoriasis or other foot problems. The podologist will carefully examine your feet first. Then, together with you, he or she can set up a tailored treatment plan. If the podologist is appropriately authorized, medically required treatments and the special podology care needed in the case of diabetes mellitus may be covered by your health insurance. Please contact your general practitioner, your podologist or your health insurance customer service for more information.

Use the right tools for foot care

Many podology practices already use the special LUKAS abrasive caps for callus removal. These innovative abrasive caps change color when heated by friction. This helps avoid high abrasion temperatures when treating patients with reduced heat perception due to neuropathy or insufficient blood supply or patients with diabetic foot syndrome. When the thermo abrasive cap reaches a temperature of 38°C to 42°C, it almost instantly changes color to a bright red.

This way, the abrasive cap gives a warning sign to prevent overheating, supporting both the practitioner and the patient. Using these caps helps to avoid injuries. Furthermore, this strengthens patient confidence in the podology treatment and the practitioner benefits from increased safety.

  • Thanks to the hygienic single-use caps, no infectious particles are transmitted from one patient to the next. Knowing about this makes the patient feel safe and well cared for.
  • Using the abrasive caps eliminates the possibility of cut injuries.
  • Diabetes patients finally feel safe during a foot treatment using abrasive caps. Even patients with reduced pain or temperature perception and slow wound healing can be treated without risking problems or injuries.


Lukas podological

LUKAS podology products have been developed by product developers and customer experts together with an external consultant.

For 80 years we have been an owner-managed family business. Meanwhile, we employ around 650 people and produce at various various sites using the latest technology. With our wealth of experience, we develop innovative solutions and produce high-quality tools.

This is how LUKAS has established itself as a specialist in podology on the international market.


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